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Financing: Callahan Discount Furniture

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For our customers convenience we have provided some lending options for financing , lease -to -own and NO CREDIT CHECK options. Please read the lenders requirements and how their program works before choosing the one that works best for you. Callahan Furniture is an approved and registered retailer for these lenders, however, we are not affiliated with any of the companies.

Why Wait? Take it Home Today!

Save Time at our Store and Apply Here Right Now

If you don't get Approved with one of these  example: you applied with ACIMA and got denied...then apply to the other Lease provider, in this case Progressive! Usually one or the other will start your lease!


(Ask Us How)

*Affordable Low Payments

* Small payments all without Credit!

* 0$ (Zero) Down Starts any New No Credit Agreement of $500.00 in Merchandise offered by Callahan Furniture!

Your Choice  Click one of the Links below and apply for No Credit Check Financing



Leasing Option 2 - 90 Day Payment Option - No Credit Check

This option allows you to put a initial payment down and finance a purchase between $200 0 $2500 with no credit needed! Buy any item in a package or not!

To Apply:

  1. Click the button below for our online application

  2. Call us at (623) 247-0601 or come into one of our stores and create your order

  3. Get your furniture and complete your leasing paperwork!


  • Spend between $200 - $2500 based on approval

  • 90 day payment option

  • Online application initial payment due when contract is signed

To Qualify:

  • Minimum $1000/month gross income from any verifiable source of employment, self-employment, SSI., etc.

  • Employed for the past 6 months at the same job - no temp service.

  • An active checking account in good standing.

  • At least $500 deposited into your checking account each month.

  • Positive daily balances on your checking account.

  • No NSF (non sufficient funds) or return fees.

  • Less than 6 over draft charges.

  • At least 5 transactions made of money going in or out of the checking account each month.

  • Self employed! No problem. Provide 3 months bank statement to verify income.

  • Social Security recipient? No problem! Just provide a copy of your benefit letter.

Apply for Financing Today with ACIMA

Give yourself some credit, you're more than a three-digit score!  We've partnered with Acima Credit to offer affordable financing without checking Credit Scores and Approve on three criteria:  your average monthly income, your checking account history, and your employment history.  Here's how it works:

1. YOU APPLY.  This can be done from this page by clicking HERE TO APPLY or the Acima image immediately below!

2. We APPROVE.  Our approval process is fast and friendly.

3. YOU SHOP.  Find the item that you're looking for.

4. WE FINANCE.  Make minimum payments for a year or pay it off early in 90 Days for the "Same as Cash" option.

More about Progressive Leasing

  • Progressive finance is a hybrid lease/purchase program

  • 9 out of 10 are approved regardless of your credit history.

  • Instead of using a credit history, our approvals are based on two factors:Income and Length of time at job.

  • Progressive purchases the merchandise for you after which you lease back the items with monthly payments. Lease payments are 15% of the invoice per month. example: $1,000 invoice = $150/mo payment. The terms of the lease/purchase agreement are for 12 months.

  • All the customer may need are 3 easy-to-get documents to verify the requirements and receive approval.

-30-day bank statement or verifieable Bank

-Most recent pay stub ( Not Always needed)

-Photo ID.

-Voided or Cancelled Check.( Not Always needed)

-Copy of Your Last W-2: Very Rarely needed

  • There is simply an application fee which is refundable if application is not approved.

  • 90 Days same as cash – You pay only the invoice amount and the application processing fee within 90 days of the delivery date.

  • 65% buyout option – After 90 days you may own the merchandise outright by simply paying 65% of the balance left on the account.

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