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LIFT CHAIRS Callahan Discount Furniture

Our Serta Lift Chairs are Made in the US (Frisco Texas) Click Here to View More Lift Chairs

We offer Factory Direct Discount Pricing

Novo Home Serta Comfort Lift Chairs: Click on any Image below for more colors that are available or warranty and more information about any Lift Chair that you may be curious about.

Hampton Dual Power Loveseat that Lifts! Wall Hugger Design

$1529.99 on SALE!

Newton Model SX-893 Reg. Discounted Price $517.99

Infinite Position Recliner/Lift Chair!

Model SX-872 Hampton:

Two Motor 

Infinite Position (Reclines to a Flat position) Reg. Discounted Price $898.99

Model SX-920 Oceanside The power Recliner that Lifts! Reg. Discounted Price $997.99

Norwich Model SX-870 Reg. Discounted Price


Essex Model SX-820 Reg. Discounted Price $798.99

Mystic Model SX-882 Wall Hugger Reg. Discounted Price $698.99

Bristol Model SX-320 Wall Hugger Reg. Discounted Price


Winston  Two Motor Infinite Position Model SX-592 Reg. Discounted Price $638.99

Sheffield  Model SX-900 Reg. Discounted Price $898.99

Brookfield Model SX-860 Reg. Discounted Price $798.99

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